Bridge of sighs
Venice, Italy


Visit Venice, Italy

Attractions in Venice

The main tourist attractions in Venice, Italy, besides its famous bridges are:

  • Canal Grande
  • Basilica di San Marco
  • Piazza San Marco (San Marco Square),
  • Campanile di San Marco.
  • Doge's Palace

Bridge of sighs is part of an impressive collection of bridges.

In total Venice has around 354 bridges, each of them offering a different outlook of the city, a particular point of view that frames a piece of history in recent time

Three bridges connect the two sides of the Canal Grande, the main waterway of the city: the Rialto Bridge, the Scalzi Bridge and the Calatrava Bridge.

The Academy Bridge, the Scalzi Bridge, the Freedom Bridge, Pungi Bridge, the Tette Bridge and the Brige of Sighs are other famous bridges, which improve the great collection of Venice.


Visit Venice - getting there

By plane – The best way to travel to Venice is by plane. Venice has an international airport, Marco Polo - Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo. The airport is situated away from the cost. From the airport to Venice there are available water transport such as the Alilaguna waterbus, or water taxis, about 7 minutes walk from any terminal.

By car - If you plan to visit Venice by car, you should know that Venice is a no car area, as it is situated on the water. There is a terminal via the Ponte della Liberta, SR11 cooming from Mestre, West. In Venice there are 2 parking stands, such as Piazzale Roma and Tronchetto. It cost 25 € per day, and is open 24 hour, every day.

Visit Venice - getting around

By foot - The most fascinating way to visit Venice is certainly to walk by foot. Lost in the streets of the lagoon, you can come close to a bridge or a particularly beautiful view that is the best way for tourists to experience the city. Venice is not very big and attractions are all within walking distance.

By boat - During a visit to Venice you cannot miss a view of the city by boat, connecting all parts of the city, including the Bridge of Sighs.
The lines of interest for the tourists are called "Centro Città" ("Old Town"), passing the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Canal. Tickets cost 6.50 € and you pay to board. The tour is about 1 hour.

By collective gondola Taxi - ferry - Many people ignore it, but in Venice there is a kind of collective gondola Taxi (ferry) crossing the Canal Grande, bringing people from one shore to another, without the need to reach the nearest bridge. The cost of the ticket for the ferry Venetian is 50 cents. This method is usually used by the residents of the city and can be tried by tourists to experience a moment of true citizen lagoon.

By water taxis  - If you do need to move quickly on the waters of the lagoon you can rent a taxi boat recognizable by license number printed on a yellow band, located at the window

Gondolas ride in Venice 

A romantic dream of millions people, the gondola ride is one of the favorite choices for tourists visiting Venice. Obviously the gondola ride is ideal for those who really wants to enjoy the taste of romantic Venice and its canals, maybe the sun set or at night. The amount payable can negotiate with the gondolier, but you can hardly fall below 80 € for 30 minutes.